Monday, November 12, 2012

My Deliverer . . .

I collect quotes.  Not just quotes, but creative lines of all sorts.  A few hymns are part of the collection.  One hymn that is part of my eclectic collection is "My Deliverer Is Coming" by the late Rich Mullins.  There's really only one line that I particularly find to be strangely comforting:

My Deliverer is coming;
My Deliverer is standing by . . .

Origins for these lines are found in Psalms,  many of which were written by or attributed to David, slingshot wielding giant-slayer turned king.  For all of his particular faults, David remained steadfast in his faith in a protective, merciful (though based in harsh judgement), occasionally vengeful, though mostly distant, god.  The kind of god that if you are a good, well, more than good -- more like perfect -- boy or girl, you will be rewarded with protection, favor, vengeance upon your enemies (where does that fit in with perfection?). 

But these lines are so telling in their repetition.  And I admit to being somewhat stymied by their application to a Christian god -- the God made manifest in the teachings of Jesus Christ . . . the God of grace, compassion, tenderness, kindness, and peace.  But still, the repetitive refrain found in this hymn points more to a good person trying to reassure herself that things will be okay, that life will get better, easier . . .

What are You waiting for?

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