Sunday, December 16, 2012

Light a candle, curse the glare . . .

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."   

Peter Benenson, Founder of Amnesty International

Personal introspection is hard work.  Relationships are hard work.  Being human is . . . hard work.  One of the hardest things to do in order to bring light and understanding into any of these arenas is to bring those parts and pieces of our psyche, which we would much prefer to keep hidden away,  . . . out . . . into the open . . . exposed . . . It's uncomfortable to see, or hear, long forgotten memories, dreams, experiences out in the open where others might see, or hear, them.  We become afraid, anxious, insecure . . . but why?  

Perhaps these things that have caused us so much pain and anguish throughout our lives have become comfortable to us.  Perhaps some of these things have been shared with others only to result in our being ridiculed, or humiliated, or worse, to have those feelings, those memories, those dreams, those experiences, exploited or held against us in some way.  

In order for us to continue to grow, and evolve, and heal, we must allow for light to come into those dark places we all seem to have.  Those painful memories, those questionable experiences, those long lost (perhaps just misplaced) dreams, need some light, and air, in order for us to lose the fear, the anxiety, the insecurity.  Bring it up and out, let it surface, hold a candle to it,breathe on it,  name it and know it for what it is . . . something that is holding you back.   Reach in . . . reach out . . . learn . . . grow . . . heal . . .

And try to keep a little grace. 

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