Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mama . . .

My mom and dad on their wedding day 68 years ago.  Mom will be 90 on December 19!  Aren't they a striking couple?  Hard to believe that my dad was once so vain as to have his military uniforms professionally tailored to fit him perfectly.  He passed away 21 years ago.    Mom had long, dark, deeply wavy hair, and her dress in this pic is so very stylish even by today's standards.  Mom lives alone in a senior apartment community, and still does her own housework and cooking.  She no longer drives, and really isn't up to going out much.  She spends a lot of her time reading Nora Roberts books, and she cannot understand why I don't . . . but that's okay.  She has started getting a little confused by some things, like her cable bill -- "Why do they keep sending this?"  And she has given up on keeping up with her meds ... that's okay, too, because I can do that for her.  My job is to check on her, take her to doctor, get her groceries, take out her trash, talk to her, and listen to the same stories she has been telling for all of my life, and that's okay, too.  Some days she makes me crazy, and that's okay, too . . . she's my mom, and I love her.

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  1. Moms are the best! What a great picture of them!