Wednesday, February 20, 2013

what are you waiting for?

we all face the conundrum of whether to share with someone, anyone, how we feel.  for some, negative emotions, thoughts, or opinions are easy to share . . . too easy.  thrown out without any rational, legitimate process of engagement.  just the whole, "i think . . . therefore, i must verbally bear forth my thoughts, feelings, opinions, emotions . . ." elocuted regardless of the possibility to truly wound another.  but, there is the flip side -- to share with someone that to you, this person is dear, esteemed, treasured, cherished, loved.

read the words by george eliot.  don't wait -- time beyond the grave is vast . . . silent and inescapable.

tell someone . . .

what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

start off the day

start off the day with coffee
maybe read a little
or a lot . . . depends
i reread things
especially at night
depressing things
like the road
or winter's bone
their dark imagery helps me to conjure
vivid, lucid dreams

start off the day with coffee
feed my cats
turn on the news
listen to music
fun and frivolous
songs from back when
getting up & starting the day
didn't mean going to work

start off the day with coffee
wish that this could last

Sunday, February 3, 2013


young girl
wanting to a be a grown girl
writing like you know girl
what it means to be free

young girl
wanting to be a liked girl
fighting to be approved girl
that's no way to be

young girl
just be yourself girl
forget everyone else girl
then you will see

young girl
like yourself first girl
approve of all you are girl
 i'm a woman who likes me