Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get out and vote . . .

. . . and no talking while you are waiting in line.  Why do people think it's okay to chitchat in line with strangers while waiting to vote?  People might be thinking . . . like Ralphie when he's approached by the weird kid while waiting in line to see Santa in "A Christmas Story."  Well, this particular annoying person is a local politician's wife.  First, she tries to bypass the whole line and just walk up to the voting officials at the table.  Then, she complains that she is "just so used to the old way."  What way would that be?  The arrogant way?  The rude way?  The "I don't give a toot about you because my husband is a mentally unhinged lunatic AND he's on city council" way?  Then squinty-eyed politician's wife gets in line and starts chatting up the man behind me.  It took everything out of me to not turn around and tell them, "Hush!  This is a holy moment!"  Which I am sure would have gotten me a few looks, but wouldn't have bothered me in the least.  So next time you vote, stand in line and be quiet -- people are thinking.  Oh, and you people who work inside the voting area -- hush.

Fast forward to this evening as I was waiting to pay for my mother's groceries -- Tuesday night being the night NannyBoo's groceries "get made" (if you don't know that term, you are not from a mid-Atlantic seaboard state, or as some refer to Virginia, the "South").  There was a lovely young woman in the line beside the one I was in.  She was young, quite shapely, or at least her bottom was shapely, with a kind, attractive face.  Oh, and she was wearing black leggings, which served to enhance her charming figure.  The bagger - henceforth referred to as "the bagger" - in my line was chatting up the register clerk with some rather explicit remarks regarding this young lady -- who, by the way, was accompanied by her husband and young child.  I won't go into details, but "the bagger" made several rather crude remarks, with most remarks followed by, "I just call 'em as I see 'em."  One very special remark was, "Hey, if she didn't want anyone to look at her, she shouldn't dress that way in the first place."  My first thought was to turn to the kind lady's husband and say, "You might want to ask this young man regarding his observations concerning your wife," but that might have caused things to escalate rapidly.  So, I just paid for my groceries, and thought about calling management once I got home.  But, I decided to call from my car, and was able to speak with a manager.  Since I couldn't describe the bagger with laser-accuracy, the manager met me at the door, and from there the perpetrator was positively identified.  I hope he gets fired.  I don't care if he has bills to pay, or a sick anybody he's responsible for -- he's a sexual predator. Judging by the remarks he made, he likely thinks that when a woman is raped, she was asking for it because of what she was wearing.  And he also likely believes that when a woman has a strong opinion, or is smarter than he is -- both scenarios being exponentially probable, that she just needs a good hard f***, and he's just the man to give it to her.   When we get to know each other a little better, then maybe I'll share what I would do to him if given the chance -- and it ain't pretty.

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