Monday, November 5, 2012

Beginnings . . . am I good enough?

Well, here we go . . . or rather, here I go.  This is something I have threatened myself with for a very long time.  And now, it's time.  Time to get the thoughts out of my head -- thoughts that are at times deeply spiritual, and at other times, quite hilarious, and sometimes even bawdy.  I get bothered by big things, like close-mindedness and bigotry.  But you know, sometimes those little things can just really do me in . . . like when people post things on Pinterest -- you know, because they are so hip and cool and clever . . . but they just cannot be bothered to spell correctly, and so their pictures of some shapely miss in sassy lingerie is labeled "boudior" -- yep, i kid you not. So, don't use the fancy words unless you can spell them -- and pronounce them -- correctly.  And inspirational quotes . . . I used to get a daily email of inspirational quotes, but they were just stupid, and by no means inspirational, just underwhelming.  I'll be offering up my takes on some of those quotes that have left me at times thinking, "wth?"  Note to reader(s) -- 'cause there may be more than just myself -- I am not trying to win the grammar-bee, just free-thinking and getting the crap out my head.
So -- I hope to keep up with this, and I hope someone, somewhere, will be inspired to put their thoughts into words, on a page, a canvas, a blog, in a song, a story, a verse . . . hell, even a prayer.  And if you are ultra-sensitive, and get your feelings all in a twist over something I post on my blog, well, you were warned. 
And so it begins . . .

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